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“Picking up training after a child is tough... when you have 3 (boys!!!) under 5 is even tougher.....unless you have Sara as your trainer!


Her nutrition advices, combined with the tailored training she designed for me both at the gym and home, has given me the confidence to be able to go back to the shape that I can feel like myself again!”

Mother of 3 and wife - all while juggling a full time job. My amazing client had every excuse available not to achieve her goal of returning to her pre-pregnancy body, but she chose the hard option and is now reaping the rewards!

Alongside her training, we have focused on tracking her macros and calories, all the while placing a massive emphasis on nutrient dense foods to ensure she is getting everything for her and her baby's needs, while she continues to breastfeed.




"She’s not only highly experienced and knowledgeable in her field, but is massively encouraging and supportive in all her client’s fitness goals - big or small. Best investment I’ve made in myself is my health and that starts with finding a personal trainer that coaches you the right way. Sara May has definitely delivered that, and continues to do so each time I train with her."

*Results may vary, depending on frequency of training & other factors such as nutrition & recovery.



"I met Sara during the worst possible conditions as I was locked-down, out of home and with very limited space to exercise with no equipment. After two months under her personal virtual coaching, I can only say I am in one of the best shapes of my life, fully motivated and even though all my training has been virtual (I have never met her not once), I have never felt alone. I am learning how to adapt to this new reality but Sara has made it so easy and the results are clear."

*Results may vary, depending on frequency of training & other factors such as nutrition & recovery.


Sara listened to what I want to achieve when I first came to her.


With her extensive knowledge and experience, Sara has helped me achieve my transformation goal.


Her positive vibes is contagious, and can be extremely motivating.


Been more than a year since we worked together and I have to say  every session is a good 'whacking' training.


Sara is the best personal trainer I have worked with. I started to see changes with Sara already after a few weeks.


She is a dedicated professional who listens to your goals and helps achieving them. She invests a lot of time explaining and showing how to do the exercises correctly to ensure you have the right posture and carry out the exercises properly.


She is great at motivating others and she is truly inspiring herself.  Sara helped me to feel more comfortable going to the gym and using equipments, which I did not dare to before. Working with her helped me to start my fitness journey and


I have seen more changes on my body in 6 months than during the last 2 years.


Sara helped me to understand my nutrition better and to become enthusiast and addicted about working out.


Working with Sara May has been one of the most eye opening and life changing experiences for me.

As women, we all believe that we need to keep the calories low, carbs are the enemy . We follow fad diets, overdo the cardio and most importantly we are afraid to lift weights thinking we would get bulky. 

A few weeks into training with Sara, she started to focus more on my nutrition plan alongside the training. She made me understand that without the correct nutrition plan it was difficult to achieve my goals. 

Clearly I was eating lesser than expected and overtraining myself considering how much food I ate. 

Over the next few weeks with my nutrition plan in place, I started seeing changes in my mood, muscle recovery, and also gaining muscle. 

I can’t thank Sara enough for building this healthy relationship I have with myself and food, taking me one step closer to achieve my body goals. 

Sara is passionate, experienced and above all loves what she does. She DOESN’T TALK THE TALK, SHE WALKS THE WALK! 🥳❤️


I’ve been training with Sara for coming a year now and absolutely enjoyed every minute of her torture! 😆

I appreciate how she leads by example with detailed understanding of the workouts that she plans for her clients and meeting their objectives set as it is highly fulfilling.

Her attention to my multiple injuries was amazing as she guided my programs so well that I did not lose motivation during the long road to my recovery

She’s strong yet gentle at the same time; making each training highly enjoyable.

She’s the best!!!! 🥳❤️

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