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personal trainer



A believer in having a healthy relationship with food and understanding that quality food helps fuel performance, Sara specialises in functional, core and cross training.


She is also adept at strength work as well as helping clients with weight loss.


Her accolades include being the overall champion in the CrossFit Open and in the IFBB Bikini division 2018, on top of an impressive string of races.


“Picking up training after a child is tough... when you have 3 (boys!!!) under 5 is even tougher.....unless you have Sara has your trainer!


Her nutrition advices, combined with the tailored training she designed for me both at the gym and home, has given me the confidence to be able to go back to shapes de feel myself again!”

Mother of 3 and wife - all while juggling a full time job. My amazing client had every excuse available not to achieve her goal of returning to her pre-pregnancy body, but she chose the hard option and is now reaping the rewards!

Alongside her training, we have focused on tracking her macros and calories, all the while placing a massive emphasis on nutrient dense foods to ensure she is getting everything for her and her baby's needs, while she continues to breastfeed.


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