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Marble Surface

5 years ago, without

speaking a word of English,

I left Colombia as a girl...

From a swimming pool in Colombia to becoming IFBB Masters Olympia champion at 42 years of age... 

Now a confident & empowered

woman in Singapore...

With a vision to transform the lives of others through fitness.

Here's my journey of transformation & growth, and how I can help you transform your life too.


"All I wanted was to feel pretty like my friends"

Since I was 5 years old, I felt obligated to wake up every day at 5:00 am for swimming practice before school.


It wasn’t until I was 15 that I quit, when I realised that my skin and hair had become damaged from the constant sun exposure. 

I refused to step foot in the pool again, because all I wanted was to feel pretty like my friends when I was a swimming athlete.

" Then I found my new passions in Dancing & Resistance Training "

I moved on to dancing and resistance training, initially for aesthetic purposes to achieve those six-pack abs and sleek figure.

However over the years of training, teaching and educating myself, my original goal became secondary to my passion for fitness and helping people to improve their health and lifestyle through fitness. 



All those years at the swimming pool gave me the discipline, consistency, and mindset to not give up on my dreams, and now I’m here for you.

I have spent almost my entire life gaining knowledge, educating myself and implementing that knowledge to to guide my clients along their own personal journey to reach their dreams.

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