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1-1 online


Get your own customised virtual workout plan (home / gym) catered to your goals & needs:

  • 1 month

  • 3 months

  • 6 months

  • 1 year


Prefer to train with me in person at the gym? 

  • 15 sessions

  • 25 sessions

  • 50 sessions


Sara is the best personal trainer I have worked with. I started to see changes with Sara already after a few weeks.


She is a dedicated professional who listens to your goals and helps achieving them. She invests a lot of time explaining and showing how to do the exercises correctly to ensure you have the right posture and carry out the exercises properly.


She is great at motivating others and she is truly inspiring herself.  Sara helped me to feel more comfortable going to the gym and using equipments, which I did not dare to before. Working with her helped me to start my fitness journey and


I have seen more changes on my body in 6 months than during the last 2 years.


Sara helped me to understand my nutrition better and to become enthusiast and addicted about working out.

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